As you can see if you knew my blog, it has a new look! Indeed, I decided to stop using my old blog where I was writing content, well… let's say like a caveman. Duplicating files and editing directly the HTML was the way. It was not efficient and hard for me to write. So, I decided to switch to Hugo, and found this cool theme. You can check it out here

I'm a bit late to the party, and it has been literally 2 minutes since I've started writing posts in markdown, but I can already tell you it's wonderful. I love markdown, I'm using it all the time, and it feels very frictionless.

Anyway, this post is not going to be more interesting than that. More content is coming, I've got some stuff to talk about: knowledge base, LEDs, image processing and video game. Not everything's related, don't worry!

Thank your for your read, and see you soon for more!