23 years old, I freshly graduated from GRENOBLE INP - ESISAR in embedded systems and I am now a software engineer at Arjo Solutions

After obtaining my baccalaureat Economics and Social - specialized in maths, I've decided to reorientate. I started to like technology and computing… During my two year studies in DUT GEII - Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing - I've also discovered electronic and quickly developed a passion for embedded systems.

Following that, I joined Grenoble INP Esisar to do an engineering degree in eletronics and embedded computing. From september 2018 to february 2019, I went to UPB Romania for an ERASMUS semester in an Artificial Intelligence master degree. From there, I strongly developed a passion for machine learning and computer vision.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing field in which I count on progressing even more. I will for sure try to make use of it jointly with embedded computing and robotics.