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Detection and classification of hand poses in Python

Learn how to detect and classify hand poses from an RGB camera using Python.

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How to do multithreading with Keras

Learn how to load a Keras model for multithreading.

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[OUTDATED ]Looking for a 6 months engineering internship

Looking for a 6 months internship in Artifical Intelligence.

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Create your own url shortener

Create your own url shortener service like or !

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Revive your picture frame with a RPi Zero W

Revive your old picture frame by adding a RaspberryPi Zero to it and a nice web interface.

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Make your own crypto currencies display with NodeMCU (ESP8266)

Using an ESP8266 based board (NodeMCU 0.9) and the MAX7219 dot LED display, I'll show you how I've made a cryptocurrency display.

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