Victor Meunier

Engineering student

About Me

Hi, I am Victor Meunier

  • Embedded computing
  • Web Development
  • Robotics
  • AI

22 years old, I'm currently in second year of engineering cycle at GRENOBLE INP - ESISAR in embedded systems.

After obtaining my baccalaureat Economics and Social - specialized in maths, I've decided to reorientate. I started to like technologie and computing... During my two year studies in DUT GEII - Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing - I've also discovered electronic and quickly developped a passion for embedded systems. I've made numerous projects, all linked to electronics and computing.

That's why I'm studying engineering of embedded systems. I would then like to work in car, aeronautics or space industry. I am also really amazed by the recent bionical robotics progress and I wish to be a part of it.